The Great Yorkshire Show

As summer continues, show season is well and truly under way and last week saw the 161st Great Yorkshire Show take place in Harrogate.

Great Yorkshire ShowBy Katherine Lumb, RAFT Solutions Ltd. 

As one of the biggest agricultural shows in the country, it sees over 8,500 animals exhibiting, showcasing some of the best that British farming has to offer.

At a time when the uncertainties and challenges facing the UK farming industry are vast, events like this seem paramount in highlighting the excellent job British farmers are doing in producing such a level of stock, but also acts as a great platform to educate those not necessarily involved directly in agriculture.

This is important to the ongoing success of the UK agricultural sector, and whether your heart lies with the Swaledale, the Scottish Blackface or the lowland Texel, to have all these animals on display for the public to see and chat with their owners, hopefully means that they can begin to understand the ongoing challenges that farmers are facing in being able to continue to produce the lamb and beef they want on their tables on a Sunday evening.

We wish everyone who is showing stock or supporting local shows in any way the greatest of success for the remainder of the summer season.

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