Project team

lambsResULTS is co-ordinated by a consortium of interdisciplinary social scientists at the University of Edinburgh, agricultural scientists, ecologists and economists from Scotland’s Rural College  in collaboration with veterinary practitioners from RAFT Solutions Ltd.

The project was developed as a result of our long term engagement with stakeholders in UK and European upland food systems, through existing advisory, professional and research services. The team has extensive experience through participation in previous research projects; many of which involved direct contacts with a variety of stakeholders through interviews, workshops and other activities/forms of collaboration.

Dr Ann Bruce

Dr Ann Bruce The University of Edinburgh

Ann Bruce is social scientist with a postgraduate degree in agricultural science, and has published across leading social and natural science journals. She has undertaken research on beef and sheep farmers’ attitudes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Davy McCracken

Professor Davy McCracken SRUC

Davy McCracken is head of SRUC’s Hill & Mountain Research Centre with a PhD in Agricultural Ecology. He has over 25 years experience of investigating the relationships between farming systems and farmland biodiversity at a UK and European level.

Professor Andrew Barnes

Professor Andrew Barnes SRUC

Andrew Barnes is a Reader in Innovation and Behavioural Change, with a PhD in Agricultural Economics. He has 20 years experience working with policy makers and leads a team of interdisciplinary researchers within farming and the wider food chain.

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