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About the ResULTS project

The ResULTS project focuses on beef and sheep production in upland regions of Northern England and Scotland. We are interested in how livestock farmers and the rural systems that depend on them adapt to adverse events such as climate change, reduced subsidies and price fluctuations, and in what effect their adaptations might have on local, national and global food system.

Project objectives

The overall aims of this project are to understand the resilience of livestock production in remote upland regions of the UK to climate change and other shocks, the consequences to the global and local food systems of these responses, and to provide policy makers, food chain actors and individual stakeholders’ knowledge with which to adapt to challenges to food systems.

Questions of food security

Questions of food security have tended to focus on urban areas as the centres of population and with the most limited access to land to produce local food. However, food security is equally important in remote, upland regions of the UK. Livelihoods in hill areas have been historically dominated by grazing beef and sheep.

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